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Fall News 2016


Along with fall comes the end of another school year season. This has been busy here at CC Managua. We are rejoicing along with our school principal Carolina Chavez, about the birth of her first child, Jonotan David on fourth of Nov. Carolina has been very dedicated to the school and the driving force behind training a great team of teachers to minister to our students. The timing could not have been better since Carolina only missed the last few weeks of school and will get to enjoy the vacation time with her family before returning to lead the new school year at the end of January. Of course a wise leader always raises up others, and Clementina Huerta has done a great job of filling for Carolina while she has been away. We are blessed to have such a great staff at the school.


Another great ministry that gives us joy is the Awana Club children’s ministry. Nayka Barbosa has been heading it up this year and has done a great job of training leaders and keeping them unified as they share the Bible with the children of Barrio Santa Ana. In November, they celebrated the end of the program for this year with a special service in the church that included a drama and dances by the children. We love that they opened it up for others in the church to share talents as well, and several of our adults performed musical numbers.


We continue to praise the Lord for the work that He is doing in His church here. Noel Solorzano has been teaching the Wednesday service since July. The church is blessed to have a native speaker teach and minister, so we ask that you will pray for Noel to be blessed as well with this additional responsibility. Please pray that Cal will be able to continue to give enough help in the office to enable Noel to continue teaching even in the busy end of the year season.


As always, we must praise the Lord for his protection over the church and His people. Many have been asking how we weathered the recent hurricane and we want to thank you for your prayers. All of the weather charts showed the hurricane passing right through Managua, and the government issued a red alert, but it turned to the south and missed most of the country. We did not even receive much rain. Please continue to pray for the hundreds of Nicaraguans along the coast who lost homes and suffered major loss, but we do praise the Lord that there were no Nicaraguan lives lost in that storm.


Prayer requests:

Please pray for our special Christmas Eve service. That the Lord would bring the lost and save souls.

Please continue to pray for Ashley Castro, the girl across the street from the church who has She continues to struggle to recover her sight in one eye and the use of her limbs. Also pray for her family to accept Jesus.

Please continue to pray for God to raise up musicians/instrumentalists for our worship team.

Please pray for our school to be full as we begin enrolment for the new school year, which starts the first week of February. Please also pray that God will continue to provide support and sponsors for the school.


You can support the ministry of the school by sponsoring a child for twenty dollars per month. To get started just send an email to: or see below for details.

Below is a link to the payment page of CC Merritt Island who handles all of the donations for us. Just click on it.


Tax-deductible, (501c3) US DOLLAR donations may be sent to:
Calvary Chapel
Merritt Island
Attn: Mission’s Dept.
3500 N. Courtenay Pkwy
Merritt Island, FL 32953 USA.
*IMPORTANT: Put “CC Managua” or Managua School Fund in the memo block of the check, it gets too confusing otherwise.

You can send money by credit card at the website of CC Merritt Island:

There is a Tithes, Offerings, & Donations button that you can click on. Follow the instructions.
It is necessary to put CC Managua or Managua School Fund in the specified donation box.

Summer News 2016

Summer News from CC Managua


During the summer, Jessie and I traveled to California to visit churches and family. While we were gone, the youth, headed up by Nayka Barboza (Luz Marina’s daughter), started up the Awana Program for children in our neighborhood. We are so proud to see them get involved in service! Please pray that the Lord will grow the faith of the leaders as well as the faith of the children.

On our return from the states in July we hit the ground running with the CC Old Bridge medical team doing the usual awesome job of healing bodies and souls. Some prayed to accept the Lord and some rededicated their lives to Jesus.


August started with the return of Jeremy Foster with his two oldest children Matt and Emily. They did several soccer outreaches at large local schools as well as a school out in Los Brasiles de Mateare, which is about twenty kilometers from here. Once again, many students and some of the teachers prayed to accept Jesus.

 In early August Michaela Meneghini came down on her own to help at the school and with the youth. She has grown so much and was a huge blessing to many people here at the church and school.


In early August Michaela Meneghini came down on her own to help at the school and with the youth. She has grown so much and was a huge blessing to many people here at the church and school.

CC Chelmsford sent a team in August that did an amazing job of cleaning and painting the church. They also repainted many of the metal chairs in the sanctuary and many of our regular attenders were very grateful to see the church look better. The team also evangelized and did a VBS.

Carolina Chavez, our school’s principal, is pregnant with her first child. Please pray for her and Lester to enjoy the Lord’s blessings with their baby boy due in November. The timing is fortuitous for the school since Carolina will be able to return at the end of the vacation time in February.


Praise the Lord the school is doing very well this year. Please pray for more sponsors for the students. You can support the ministry of the school by sponsoring a child for twenty dollars per month. To get started just send an email to:

Please pray for the Lord to raise up more leaders in the church, and/or missionaries to come and help out since the needs are huge.

Please pray for Osman and Cindy. Osman has been out of work and is looking for a job.

Please pray for Gustavo Emanuel, Gustavo and Helen’s baby boy who has been in and out of the hospital with pneumonia and/or bronchitis the past week.

Please pray for the Lord to send someone to play an instrument on the worship team.

Winter News from CC Managua

We are rejoicing in what the Lord is doing in this new year and what He is about to do in the future.


We received a donation of outdoor carpeting for the stage in the sanctuary and the youth worked hard to get that installed in time for the Christmas services.


Jose Ramon Sanchez graduated from university after almost five years with his degree in accounting. Now his desire is to be a missionary within Nicaragua. Please pray that he will receive the needed support. He has been a faithful servant here for many years. 


Jeremy Manus came down in December and has been a huge blessing, helping with many projects around the church and bakery. He and Doug Selby also installed a new main breaker box at the school in record time. PTL! Please pray for Jeremy to learn Spanish so that he can bless others in sharing the faith. 


We are rejoicing with Gustavo and Helen in the birth of their son, Gustavo Enmanuel, on Sunday January 24th. He is so precious!

We are about to start a new school year and ask for prayer for the school registration. We pray that we can fill the class rooms and bless many families with the gospel and a quality education. Of course we are asking for prayer regarding more sponsors for the students. If you with to sponsor a student, please send an email to:


Right now we are in the middle of a lot of painting to freshen up the school. Please pray that we will be able to complete all of this work before school starts. 


The Calvary Chapel in Granada hosted a two day conference for all of the Nicaraguan pastors and leaders. Several of our leaders went and were blessed by the teaching and fellowship.