Spring News 2015




We had a great start to the school year with 130 students enrolled and two very good new teachers. Anielka is teaching English and Computer Science. Clementina is teaching sixth grade and is a good addition to the team.



In March Pastor Ken Krikac came down with Firefighters for Christ to do some training with the Firefighters in Granada. Cal was able to help with some translation and it was encouraging to see some of the firefighters accept Jesus.





In April the Pelletier family came down to do pig heart dissections at Jessica’s school. We had a good time of fellowship and were in awe that the Lord provided just the right amount of hearts at the perfect time to minister the those youth about the wonder of creation.






Also in April the Medical team from CC Old Bridge was here to heal bodies and minister to souls. They were a huge blessing to many in the church and many who just came to receive medical attention. Everyone was prayed for and some received Jesus.



We received a specified donation to replace some of the old a/c units at the school so we now finally have six class rooms with a/c again so the students do not have to suffer the heat.

Winter News 2015




We have enjoyed seeing the Lord work in the lives of the people at CC Managua this winter.

In November, we had a record ten people from CC Managua attend the Central American pastors and leaders conference in Antigua, Guatemala. It was a good time of fellowship and growth, especially for some of the youth leaders. 

Lester Johnson came down from Florida and completed numerous repairs, mostly plumbing, and especially at the school. He also evangelized on the street every morning. We are grateful for all of his hard work and prayers for us. 


Renee McKenzie spent a month here working with the school and helping at the church. Her love for the children was shown many times over. She was present for the sixth grade graduation which is a significant milestone in the lives of the children here in Nicaragua. 

Unfortunately, we suffered the loss of our beloved security guard and front-door evangelist on December 13. Iginio was a great brother in the faith and a friend to many who have visited. He had an awesome testimony of faith right up to the end in the hospital.  Please join us as we continue to pray for his family. 


Gilma is the younger sister of Geovanny and Jose. She celebrated her “Quincenera” (15th birthday) with a special service here at the church. She has been with us since childhood, and we pray that she will always walk with Jesus. 

During Christmas vacation we had a special celebration for all of those who serve here at the church. They are always faithful to serve, and we never say thanks enough. Please pray for this wonderful team of leaders and servants that have come alongside the ministry. 


In January, CC Costa Mesa sent down an awesome youth team who did a VBS for the children who were on vacation from school.  In addition, the team did work projects around the school and church in the afternoon. 

The Lord has been healing hearts and bodies here, and, it is through your prayers that we can continue to serve Him and see His faithfulness for His ministry and the people of Managua. Thank you for all of your support and prayers. 

Fall News 2014 From CC Managua

July was kicked off with a great team from CC Chelmsford in Mass. They were a whirlwind of activity.

Not everyone has the knowledge and the energy to do a multitude of projects, repairs and ministry in the same week. They installed screens to prevent cats from getting in the ceiling at the school. Installed a new roof vent at the school. Repaired the ceilings in the class rooms, repaired and cleaned the gutters in both the school and the feeding center. They repaired twenty chairs in the sanctuary and almost an equal number of desks at the school, and much, much more.

While Cal and Jessie were in California Elvis Jarquin and Gustavo Cruz stepped up to do the teaching on Sundays. It is a blessing to see locals being raised up to serve the Lord.

In August Bryan Randolph returned to do a dental clinic that blessed many church members and neighbors from the barrio.

In September we have the Nicaraguan Independence Day celebration. Of course the school had a re-enactment of the Battle of San Jacinto, dances and other cultural activities.

The school continues to be blessed by the Lord.

The Lord has given us good support from the Student Sponsorship program in keeping the school open but we still have a few months to go and we are praying for a few more sponsors. We want to thank those who have sponsored the children and kept the school serving the Lord and our community.

Sandra del Carmen Bermudez was baptized in September and she was so full of joy that day.


Sandra wore a special white dress to symbolize being a new creation and her bride-ship with Christ.

Lastly the school just celebrated the Bible being translated into Spanish 444 years ago with a special activity in the sanctuary.


Calvary Chapel of Managua