Novembers news 2018

We praise the Lord for His protection over the church during this turbulent year. In Barrio Santa Ana there was relatively little protest activity. None of the families at the church lost anyone to death or imprisonment. Things have calmed down a lot, but Nicaragua as a country still needs much prayer. Unemployment was already high, but thousands more have lost their jobs as many businesses have closed.


On July 19th, Roberto Carlos Martinez suffered a serious accident while working on a refrigerator compressor. It exploded, and he was badly burned, with fractures and wounds on his left leg. They had to amputate the leg a few days later, so we ask you to keep him in prayer. The good news is that his walk with the Lord is stronger now, and he has maintained a good attitude of trust in the Lord. A prosthesis is still months away, so please also pray for that.


PTL, Since August, Marvin and Noel have started teaching once a month as we try to raise up more leaders.

Carolina, Marvin’s daughter, has started learning to play piano again and played her first special song on a Sunday morning two weeks ago.

As usual, the school is still a bright spot in our neighborhood, with many activities and of course, the Bible being taught to the students. Please keep the school in prayer as the needs are great here in Barrio Santa Ana. We are grateful to God that we were able to stay open even through the worst of the unrest.

Between all the political unrest, several tropical storms, and other related issues, now more than ever we could really use your support both prayerfully and, if you are able, financially. Normally, we have teams and visitors who come and help us out, but this year many were unable to come due to all the problems. Please pray for God’s provision for us and, if God puts it on your heart, please pray about how you could help out. Also, please consider sponsoring a child at our school. If you have questions, you can contact us at or on our facebook page.



PTL! Mariling Vanessa Davila finally has her birth certificate. Mariling, known as Cosita many years ago, she has been involved with our ministry since she was a child. She has grown into a nice young woman. Please pray that she will get her cedula, (ID card) soon, and we are praying for a wedding in the near future.  Mariling also gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on August 24th.  She cannot get married until she has her ID card. She also needs the ID card to get a birth certificate for her daughter.

Please pray for Yader Jose. He is a new believer who lives in a challenging family situation. Pray that he will continue in the Word, the church, and walking with Jesus.

Please pray also for our worship team.

Please pray for Sergio Sequeira and his wife, Dora Maria. They live far away but have been a blessing here at the church.